My view today.....

A little bit of a rewind….. Yesterday the guys went on the city tour of Budapest. Since I was trying to fight of this cold, I decided to pass and stay onboard where it’s warm! They seemed to enjoy the day and came back with a little bit of history. After dinner, everyone met in the lounge and we learned of different Christmas customs, decorated Christmas trees, and drank gluhwine! Went through the first of like 30 locks on the Danube and then set our shoes out for St Nickolass(spelling maybe off here)

This morning we awoke to chocolates and coins in our shoes! I guess we may the good boys and girls list :0). Finally made it to our dock in Vienna, the gates on the lock got stuck so we were a little behind. Again, I have opted to stay onboard this morning and by pass the city tour and will be taking the palace tour this afternoon. Rotten timing for this cold to show up but it is what is……

As you may be able to tell from the picture, it is a little gray out….it is actually snowing and very pretty! Fingers crossed that it clears up a bit for this afternoon. We shall see. Pictures of the palace when we get back………


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