Early morning cruising…

This morning I was up early so I’ve been killing time and reflecting on our travels. As dawn approached and the light was enough to see the shore I see that we are passing thru hills and apparently wine country as there are many vineyard terraces on the hillsides. We have another cold day and all the little villages we pass are covered with snow. I think about the people in the homes probably sleeping in on a Saturday morning and wonder what they do, who they are, and what are their dreams. Traveling does that to me – makes me wonder. I am reminded that no matter where we are, no matter what language we speak, we share common desires and goals – to enjoy our friends and family and live long, happy lives. I hope you will find a way to do that in your life.

Our internet is slow on the boat – especially as we cruise, so I will try to post a picture or two, but may not be able. The snow on the trees makes for good pictures, but it is cold and dreary looking outside my window – I’m ready for a warm vacation!


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