Today was our full day of touring the center of Salzburg. We started the day off with a 1.5 hour bus ride. Half way through, we made a stop at Mundtsee ( Moon Lake) absolutely beautiful! An amazing lake in the valley of snow capped mountains. Once we got to the city of Salzburg, we began our 75 minute walking tour. I have to confess that I did take the “gentle” walking tour today. We did the same tour as the other group, just at an easier pace. Our guide Barbara, was awesome! So much information and history as well as personal stories. After meeting back up with the guys, I started sharing some of my new found knowledge and soon realized that I defintitely had the better tour guide :o). We then had 3 hours on our own to explore the city center, which had tons of stores (Ben was very thankful that many were closed because it was Sunday) and of course the Christmas market. This one was fairly big and just a few thousand of my closest European friends decided to join me! Along with a few trinkets, we partook of some gluhwine, a popular cheese bread thingy….can’t remember the name but it was rye bread with this amazing hot melted cheese and bacon on top….how could you go wrong with this?? Then we had a 2 hour bus ride back to the boat, which had moved on to Passau. Tomorrow we have Regensburg. Until then………


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