A few pictures from Prague

Without free wifi in our room, being able to log in and download pictures from the free hotspot has been a challenge!

As you can see, we survived our 5 hour bus ride to Prague (which included another stop at the Christmas market and a pitstop at a McDonalds). The Hilton Prague Old Town is centrally located. The first night, we ventured off on our own for dinner at Plzenska restaurace Obecni dum. The restaurant was in the basement of the opera house and we all had Pilsner Urkel beer and I had pork schnitzel and the guys had goulash. Great dinner was had by all.

Our tour was a bus ride to the top of the highest “mountain” in Prague which brought us to the palace and cathedral. We learned a lot of history of the area. It was freakin cold up there, that is for dang sure! After watching the changing of the guard, we started our walk down the steep cobblestone streets. The buildings were beautiful. Once at the bottom, we crossed The Charles Bridge, which is now a pedestrian bridge, and ended up in the town center/square. Guess what…..there was another Christmas market there!!!! After lunch, we shopped ( I know, big surprise there), and then finally back to rest those weary feet!

One last trek out for a quick dinner and I was done for the night.

We have tons of pictures but because of the wifi issue, just not easily downloaded. I am hoping to get some sort of album put together for Facebook once we get home.

So, off I go to pack up to be ready to change hotels one last time in the morning. We are staying at the Courtyard Marriott Prague Airport which is connected in between terminal one and two. So we are hanging out at the airport until our flight Saturday morning. I think it will be cool to hang out watching the planes. Oh, and repack ing one last time all of our stuff into the checked bags so we can bring our goodies home in the carry on!

More from the airport…….


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