Austrian Alps

Taken along our drive thru Austria.


Hansel & Gretel House

This house is located in Obergammerau. The frescoes depict the story of Hansel & Gretel.

Castle Neuschwanstein

Taken from the Marienbruke on a cloudy day…

A Tour of Bavaria

Today was our big tour of Bavaria with Mike from Mike’s Bike Tours. No we were not on bikes – it was a private, guided tour. We visited the towns of Garmisch, Ettal, and Obergammerau, as well as Castle Linderhof and Castle Neuschwanstein. The towns were the model of Bavarian towns seen in pictures and copycat towns like Helen, Georgia. Many painted buildings, picturesque churches, mountain and lake scenery. My pictures do not do it justice. The fountains of Linderhof were all boarded up for winter (naturally) so there really wasn’t much to see there. Castle Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau are within sight of each other, but we only took pictures of Hohenschwangau. It was quite a climb up to Neuschwanstein and once we went in there were another 120+ stairsteps up inside. To travel all this way and not visit this well known landmark would be a shame even if the climb was quite strenuous for an old, fat guy. I also climbed around the fences blocking the path to the Marienbruke overlooking the castle. It was quite slippery and brutal climb, but I made it up and down only falling a couple of times.

After our tour we went to the Christmas Market in Marienplatz. It was very cold and we were worn out from our day, so we didn’t spend much time there and came back to the hotel to rest our bodies. Of course before leaving we did get some market delights – crepe with banana, Nutella, and Bailey’s plus a sausage sandwich.

This may come as a shock to some, but it is true – there are pretzels everywhere here! Pretzels with cheese (melted – like cheese bread), with creme cheese, with butter, with sunflower seeds, plain… practically any way you want. So far I’ve had a few and all have been good. 

Well I will post a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure, but as I said they won’t do justice to the beauty we saw…

More later….

We Made It to Munich!

Well it was a long day of travel, but we made it to Munich with no issues, lost luggage, or personal meltdowns! We were happily surprised to find that we had been upgraded to business class for the flight from Atlanta to Paris. It was a nice upgrade and allowed us to get some sleep on the trip. Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris is quite nice, but also strange. We had to clear customs and go thru security again just to connect. Perhaps heading to another Eurozone country is the reason because we did not have any customs to deal with as we arrived in Munich. 

Hotel Kreimhild is a nice little hotel in a residential neighborhood. There are restaurants, shops, and public transport within a couple of blocks. We walked thru the snow (yes, it’s snowing here!) to Hirshgarten for dinner. Pictures of our choices are posted! Tomorrow we have the guided trip to parts of Bavaria including Neuschwanstein Castle, so even though it’s only 8:00 in the evening we are ready for bed!

More pics tomorrow!

Lisa's Thanksgiving Feast

Lisa chose pork, potato, and cabbage salad for her Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Feast Bavarian Style

Ben’s Thanksgiving Feast at the Hirschgarten! Boiled beef with horseradish, creamed spinach, and roasted potatoes. Mmmm, Mmmmm, good!